• Mary Your Mother Welcomes You!
  • Come into His presence with thanksgiving.
  • For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son.
  • One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism
  • Be still and know that I am God.
  • You are the light of the world.
  • I lift my eyes to the heavens.
  • Come aside and rest awhile.
  • Go and tell all nations the Good News.
  • Do whatever He tells you.

Session Times

AGE: Grades 1 to 7 
DAY(S): Monday or Wednesday 
TIME: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.  
PLACE: Parish Class Rooms or Parish Hall 

AGE: Grade 8 (Our Confirmation Candidates)
DAY(S): Sundays 
TIME: 11:00 a.m. Liturgy & Sunday Evenings 
PLACE: Church, Parish Class Rooms or Parish Hall


At Mary, Mother of the Church, SUNDAY IS THE NORM FOR CATHOLIC LIFE.  As a Christian Community, we gather at weekend Liturgy to give thanks and praise to our Triune God. We believe the Mission of Mary Mother of the Church, as a Christ-centered community, is to be a radiant light in the world and a bold witness to those whose lives we touch, inspiring them to love God and to love one another as God loves us. When our children gather on Monday or Wednesday, they are invited to KNOW, LOVE, AND SERVE the LORD.  In a PSR session, we lead our children through faith and prayer to see the Lord in their lives at home, at Church, and in the world.


PSR sessions are only a part of the formation of young Catholics in our parish spirituality. What happens in a PSR session can only take root if the following aspects of our Parish Life are met:

  1. Regular participation of family members at our Weekend Liturgies.

  2. Parental involvement in Family Connection or other parish events.

  3. Parental interest and follow-up in weekly PSR sessions.

ALL OF THE ABOVE, tell the child that "church" is important to parents and something the child can gradually come to see as worthwhile for himself or herself.

What we intend to accomplish

A regular methodic way  . . . . (i.e. week by week and grade by grade, our faith in Jesus & His Church is laid out in your child's religion book;  no worry that something is missed)

of presenting our children . . . . . (the content is presented, but remembering takes parental follow-up; read to your child each week)

with basic Catholic teaching . . . . (material is in accordance with Catechism of the Catholic Church)

in a way that children can best comprehend . . . . . (recognizing that children are not adults, we present  material according to what they are able to understand).

Role of the Catechist (religion teacher)

Your child's catechist encourages your child to believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The catechist cannot do this alone.  The catechist is a partner who works with parents to supplement the spiritual growth initiated by them at their child’s baptism.  We hope that each child will hear the faith shared and spoken at home as well as in religion class.

Role of Parent

We expect every parent to keep abreast of what is in the book and what is happening in class.  Spend twenty to thirty minutes with each child, reading the text each week. This gives parent and child information to share about our Catholic faith. This one-on-one work by parent and child is the secret of success in the PSR program. When reading your child’s text, pay particular attention to the “Faith Focus” (left hand corner) and “To Help You Remember” (right hand corner) on each two-page spread.  These items are what you need to help your child understand and recall.  Read the Parent Page section before each unit in the Faith First textbook.   Be sure your child can answer "Review" at the end of each chapter.

Your Sunday Offering

Your Sunday Offering is the primary means of support for our PSR.  We encourage families to be generous in giving to God what belongs to God.  There is no tuition for our PSR.  Simply use your Sunday envelope. We ask that all PSR households contribute a minimum of $10.00 per week.

Absence Policy

Parents should notify the teacher if their child will not be attending the class.  The teacher will contact the parents after the second unexcused absence.  Parents are advised to check the Parish Bulletin weekly for important announcements concerning changes in schedules or calendar. 


In view of the fact that one hour a week is minimal for religious formation, teachers are directed to begin classes promptly (6:30 p.m.).  Please allow time for your child to enter our building and get to class on time. 

Snow Schedule

On a Monday or Wednesday, when Mehlville schools have been closed due to snow or inclement weather, PSR sessions that evening are to be considered cancelled.  If ice or snow begin in late afternoon, cancellations will be posted on KSDK-TV, KSDK.COM, KMOV-TV, KMOV.COM. 

Christian Formation Commission

When needs, concerns, ideas or interests in religious education from pre-school through adult arise, the Christian Formation Commission is the appropriate place for expressing them.  The Commission meets monthly and is open to all parishioners.  Check the Parish Calendar for exact time and place.

The Family Connection

Parents are invited to attend these sessions for fellowship and support on family matters.  Watch the parish bulletin and the parish website for special events that will add blessing and grace to your family life. 


Parish School of Religion and Sunday Pre-School registration forms are mailed in May to the homes of those previously registered. Please return your registration form as soon as possible. If you are a new parishioner(s) or first-time participant(s), contact the Director of Religious Education and request that a form be mailed to the home. 


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Our Mission and Beliefs

The Mission of Mary, Mother of the Church, as a Christ-centered community, is to be a radiant light in the world, and a bold witness to those whose lives we touch, inspiring them to love God and love one another as God loves us.

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