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7/15/2012 – Submitted by Ann (Lamprecht) Austin  .... Our family moved to St. Louis in 1975 and immediately joined MMOC. At the age of 14, my sister and I were hired as "Girl Saturday" at the rectory - answering phones, light secretarial work, preparing lunch and stuffing the weekend bulletin. Shananigans from the rectory on Kerth Road were akin to a frat house:

• If you remember Br. Dan Korn, he was easily excitable. One Saturday while Br. Dan was out, Fr. Rich Boever took the hinge pins off Br. Dan's door and the bathroom door. Br. Dan stood hollering in the hallway holding the door by the doorknob. Repeat when he went to use the bathroom.
• Fr. Rich was fond of putting saran wrap over the toilet bowls. Triple whammy on the day that the doors came down on Br. Dan.
• One of the priests put "snap and pops" inside the tailpipe of the car so that when Br. Dan fired up the engine, the tailpipe popped. Br. Dan came running into the house convinced the car was going to blow up and refused to drive the car.
• The joyous Saturdays when the Flynns would deliver a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. On those days, I did not make sandwiches for lunch; the guys made a meal of the fabulous cake.
• The day I witnessed Fr. Bill McKee making Holy Water in the kitchen. Until then, I thought it came directly from the Holy Land.
• When Fr. Chuck brought home a stray yellow lab and a can of "dog off" for Br. Dan. Br. Dan was beside himself trying to keep the overly rambunctious dog off the furniture. He lost that battle when the dog ran in the house from a mud-puddle rainstorm!
• The days I would come in to find an extra $10 slipped under the desk blotter with a note (from Fr. Rich) to do his laundry and let him sleep in until 10:00 a.m. I took the $10 and my lips were sealed!

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